This is just a test

I’ve just spotted a “Publish to Blog” option in Word 2007. So I thought I’d give it a spin and see what happens. If it works then Blogging is going to be a much more pleasurable experience.

  1. My spelling is atrocious.
  2. I find complex formatting on BlogSpot is terrible.
  3. I will no longer have to edit HTML just to get my code to look right.

Talking of code, I had better try that out too…

    public class PreSaveConstraint


        public readonly IObject Instance;

        public readonly string Name;

        public readonly Func<bool> CheckIsValid;


        public PreSaveConstraint(IObject instance, string name, Func<bool> checkIsValid)


            if (instance == null)

                throw new ArgumentNullException(“Instance”);

            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(name))

                throw new ArgumentNullException(“Name”);

            if (checkIsValid == null)

                throw new ArgumentNullException(“CheckIsValid”);


            Instance = instance;

            Name = name;

            CheckIsValid = checkIsValid;




Well, here goes. If you can see this then it worked!

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