The best tool for the job

If I had to write a large business app which accessed a DB, or a website, I would use .NET without hesitation. When it comes to small apps (less than 10MB) that will be downloaded by home users what should I use? I have such a project coming up soon, my boss has bought D2009 and wants me to use that because he is paranoid about people reverse engineering the binaries. I’m a little hesitant but I must admit that I think in this case Delphi 2009 probably is the best tool for the job, and I like to use the best tool for the job rather than the tool I like to use best for my job.

Hopefully things will go smoothly, it will be nice writing apps in two different languages.

2 thoughts on “The best tool for the job

  1. I really wish more people would embrace this idea. I love Delphi very much, but it isn’t always the best tool for the job.

    Two areas that I do a considerable amount of work in where Delphi doesn’t cut it are mobile programming and web apps. I have preferred tools for each of these as well, and I don’t feel guilty for not using Delphi for them, just as you shouldn’t feel guilty not writing a .NET app for the consumer desktop.

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