TeamCoherence – disaster!

That’s it, my short evaluation of TC is over!

Problem 1: I emailed support with a question weeks ago, didn’t get a response. Not impressed.

Problem 2: I reinstalled my O/S recently so had to restore my version control folder. When I try to check files out I now get an “Object not found” error, whatever that means? Some searching reveals it is a bug that has been fixed in the version I have, I beg to differ.

Problem 3: This one was the worst! I use TC client for a customer already which is why I decided to try out the server. I connected to the customer server, checked out loads of files, upgraded my VS2005 project to VS2008 and then checked everything back in. What a disaster! TC had replaced the source in the customer files with source from my private local server!

I couldn’t believe it! As I looked through Assembly.cs files I could see WinForm code from the last project I worked on locally! This is obviously bad because I had exposed source code from one concerned party to another. Luckily it was my own source code and I trust the person I exposed it to, but that could have landed me in legal trouble if there had been NDA’s involved!

Also, there didn’t seem to be a way to undo all changes in check-in number X. I had to find each file with a change containing the text “VS2008” and delete the revision manually. This was made worse by the fact that the F3 search in TC doesn’t take you to the next found item but instead takes you to the first found item after the current folder! So, I spent quite a bit of my day yesterday scanning through hundreds of files and manually deleting revisions from a single check-in.

I am actually shaking my head as I write this, I just can’t believe it!

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