Music to fight to

An odd title for a coding blog I know, but I love martial arts too, especially competitive ones.

I’m just putting together a CD for my car. The tunes on the CD music really make my adrenaline pump, so I am putting together a compilation of tunes which make me want to win a fight…with style!

  1. Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit.
  2. Fat boy slim – Right here right now.
  3. William Orbit – Adagio for strings (Ferry Corsten Remix with first 2 mins cut off).
  4. The Prodigy – Breathe.
  5. The Prodidy – Firestarter.
  6. Chemical Brothers – Block rockin’ beat.
  7. Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun.

2 thoughts on “Music to fight to

  1. pretty much all of Nevermind makes me want to drive very fast, as does Never Mind the Bollocks, highly recommended!

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