More Balsamiq madness!

Someone pointed this link out to me today:

It’s another application along the lines of Balsamiq. This app does seem very “sharp”, it has very snappy response times etc, which is nice and everything BUT I still don’t like these kinds of apps!

I do prefer the name though, it suggests “I sketch screens” rather than “I am a bottle of vinegar“.

2 thoughts on “More Balsamiq madness!

  1. You might find Form Designer useful.
    It is probably not not so fancy as Balsamiq and similar ones but the main advantage is that it stores the mockups in XML file that you can put under source control.

    It is a bit similar to Delphi designer.

    We use it here for internal purposes.


  2. Hi Pete did your e-mail changed ?
    I was trying to contact you but your air software email doesnt seens to work any more.

    Can you mail me ?
    diego << at >> unitone << dot >> com << dot >> br

    Diego Garcia.

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