Locking in ECO 5

Jonas has just added the following feature to ECO 5 which should turn up in the next build.

Let’s say you have a package with a single class LockObject in it. This LockObject must have TimeStamp locking, but you use this package in many applications.  In ECO 5 you can set the default locking mode for a package.

Now let’s say you have multiple packages that you use in many applications and the locking type is different per app.  App 1 uses AllMembers locking, App 2 uses no locking at all; how can you specify the locking type?  Now you can add a .NET attribute to the top of your application specific EcoSpace class….
[UmlTaggedValue(“Eco.OptimisticLocking”, “AllMembers”)]
public class Application1EcoSpace : DefaultEcoSpace
Locking is determined like so:
  1. The kind specified on the class itself.
  2. The kind specified on any super class.
  3. The kind specified on the package.
  4. The kind specified on the EcoSpace.


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