Embarcadero should revive Bold for Delphi

I’ve recently been doing some work on a Bold for Delphi application. I am really quite surprised how much I am still impressed with this framework, it really was (and still is) so much ahead of its time.

Embarcadero really should revive this product and put it back into Delphi. They could make it a free addition to Delphi, or maybe even ship it with Delphi as an open source project.
Embarcadero! You have a great tool here, don’t hide it away, use it!

4 thoughts on “Embarcadero should revive Bold for Delphi

  1. but it's more than just a database abstraction.for example unit of work,synchronizing associations,
    lazy load and more important than the others this framework point you to object thinking and design rather than procedural programming.
    and no matter who will revive it, we know it should be back to stream and be as a default framework for developing application in codegear to lead developer to OOAD.:)

  2. I cannot agree more with you on this subject. Last thing I heard was that Borland still owns Bold and it cannot be release as open source.

    I use Bold every day in my work and I know the limitations and advantages. Shame that this framework is hided for most developers so they must struggle with SQL and datasets. It could be so much simpler!

  3. I sent you an email with my skype ID, didn't you get it? The last I heard on the TCP/IP front I thought was that you had Eric on MSN or something and was going to ask him directly about it?

  4. yes I'm agree with you.currently I'm developing a delphi application with Bold and I'm surprised with this great and reliable framework.
    BTW what about the Bold TCP server ;D
    did you find Mr. Holton?
    do you remember me? 😀
    i have another question to about ECO & SOA & MTC too, may i post it hear?

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