ECO is so fast!

I spent the day (March 2005) training someone how ECO works.

Between 9:30 and 12:30 we went through the basics, how to create a model in a package (and why). We then covered the different component types, whilst making a simple client/server app.

Between 13:45 and 17:00 we went on to

  1. Create a server application
  2. Convert the client to connect to the server instead of directly to the DB
  3. Make the client synchronise with the changes from the server
  4. Create a web service which connected to the server for persistence
  5. Create a website which connected to the server for persistence

That’s a lot of work to get done in 3.5 hours at the best of times, but when you are also explaining why everything is done the way it is then this is surely a reflection of just how quick it is to develop applications using ECO.

Everything we did was adhoc. I had no idea what the trainee wanted to cover before he arrived so everything was written from scratch. I’m quite frankly surprised that we managed to cover as much as we did!


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