Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s

Ever played “Spot the difference”? I’m sure you have 🙂

I’m just looking through an application I have inherited from a Turkish company it was outsourced to. I was just browsing through a 5MB SQL script to generate the DB + stored procs when I saw this….


Does it do anything? Sure it does, but can you see what it is? There are two clues in this post but I wont tell you where!

3 thoughts on “Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s

  1. Looks like the Turks got confused between the spelling of a specific word. The ‘i’ with and without a dot is a completely different pronounciation. Turks also pronounce C as if it was an English J iirc. Blame Kemal Ataturk for his clever, yet mad, scheme of transcribing Turkish in Latin characters.

  2. you gave us a clue in your blog title…

    ‘Imprinter’ <> ‘Imprınter’ 🙂

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