CapableObjects announced

There are exciting times ahead! The team that brought you ECO for Delphi are now a separate company named Capable Objects (

ECO will still be part of the next release of Delphi, but according to the official statement (>) and comments in the newsgroups it is quite obvious there will also be a version of ECO for Visual Studio!

In the past the ECO guys released patches for ECO bugs, unfortunately it was not always possible to provide a patch. With the guys now being a separate company they are free to decide their own release schedules. Instead of having to wait for a Delphi update they can now release updates as often as they wish. Just like the good old BoldSoft days when we used to get an official update really quickly if ever a critical bug was found. Not only that, but it would also seem that they will be shipping source code too!

But that’s not all John!

The guys at Capable Objects have asked me to write documentation. I’ve been adding XMLDoc to the source code so the API help will be more up to date. As soon as possible I will be writing a quick start document for Delphi (and any other IDE’s) too.

Can’t wait! 🙂

4 thoughts on “CapableObjects announced

  1. Hi Kyle

    The ECO guys tried to act as independently as they could, but they were still restricted in what they could do. Although patches were released independently to Delphi I do recall there were a few bugs that could not be patched in source. If the fault was due to a bug in the core of ECO a new binary would be required, and they couldn’t release new binaries without a Delphi update I believe.

    Now they have more freedom and their own separate installer they are not only free to release binaries whenever they like, but they are also free to release major versions to their own schedule rather than to the schedule of Delphi.

    Hopefully now I have convinced you 🙂

  2. Pete, I am happy you are excited, but the ECO guys were acting fairly independent anyway. They DID release patches outside the Delphi patch/hot fix release schedule. They maintained their own Wiki. So, I don’t find that point in justifying the spin-off very valid.

  3. Thanks for posting your take on this, Pete! How does this impact ECOModeler?
    – JoeH

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