Accommodation manager – runtime error

I’ve just spotted something I omitted before zipping up my AccommodationManager app and making it available.

When you run the app in Release mode you will experience SQL errors. These errors are intermittent, and a query that worked only seconds ago might not always work. The reason for this is that ECO executes all queries within a transaction; SQLite creates a journal file for every transaction and then deletes it when done; and my anti-virus decides it wants to take a look at this new journal file to see what’s inside it; resulting in SQLite not being able to open its own journal file exclusively.

This was something I noticed a while ago in another ECO+SQLite app of mine and the guy who writes the library spent a couple of hours with me on MSN trying to work out what the problem was (he had a fix to me by the next morning!). Anyway, I have updated the project so that the connection string tells SQLite not to delete the journal file when it has finished with it, as a consequence there is no conflict with Avast! anti-virus.

In case you don’t want to download the example project again, here is the change you need to make inside AccommodationManagerAccommodationManagerPMP.cs

  private void ConfigureConnectionString()
#if !DEBUG
    sqLiteConnection1.ConnectionString = string.Format(
      "Data Source={0};Version=3;Fail If Missing=True;Journal Mode=Persist", Settings.DataBaseFileName);


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